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German translation of statement affirming Chiena Peres' birth, residency, and name change
Affidavit testifying to Chiena Peres' date of birth, residency, and earnings
German language affidavit by Chiena Peres describing her imprisonment by the Nazis and the resulting injuries that disabled her from working
Affidavit by Chiena Peres stating she has earned $3000 since arriving to the United States.
Affidavit noting Chiena Peres's date of birth (February 23 1900) in Rozalia, Lithuania, and legal name change upon becoming a US citizen.
Affidavit by Chiena Peres affirming her history and disability
Affidavit affirming Chiena Peres's history
Affidavit by Chiena Peres on behalf of Liuba Amolski's imprisonment and decline in health

Affirming hardships faced by Liuba Amolski at the hands of the Nazis. Reports having been with her in the Schaulen ghetto and witnessing her husband being shot with her son Levi. Also bore witness to her 2 youngest children being taken away by Naziā€¦
Affidavit for Chiena's life and whereabouts
German language affidavit for the history of the Peresecki family
Affidavit confirming Chiena Peresecki's dates of birth and marriage
Affidavit confirming Chiena Peres' birthdate, marriage, and name change
Affidavit by Chiena Peresecki affirming her imprisonment and persecution without reparations, and the deaths of her husband and son
German language affidavit by Chiena Peresecki affirming her birthdate, imprisonment, and persecution
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