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New York City Board of Elections registration for Ben Peres

Sam Widawsky.png
Sam Widawsky Discusses Surviving Kaufering Concentration Camp

Length: 6:43

Jillian Eisman.png
Jillian Eisman Discusses Discovering 'The Jacket from Dachau'

Length: 7:52

Saulius Suziedelis.png
Dr. Saulius Sužiedėlis discusses Jewish-Lithuanian relations with a special emphasis on the decades leading to WWII

Length: 7:57

Eva Fogelman.png
Dr. Eva Fogelman, Psychologist/PTSD Expert, Discusses Ben Peres's Trauma

Length: 7:54
Receipt for package sent by Chiena Peres
Chaya Peres's United States Passport
Ben Peres's United States Passport
Union of Jewish Students in Munich Membership for Ben Peres



In July of 2015, the KHRCA was contacted by a vintage clothing dealer about a recent acquisition of a unique garment at an estate sale. In the back of a walk-in closet, amid a variety of old shirts and vintage dresses, hung a faded striped jacket. A…
Lists questions to answer for restitution claim
Student Identification - Chaya Eisental
SSN for Chiena Peres
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