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In July of 2015, the KHRCA was contacted by a vintage clothing dealer about a recent acquisition of a unique garment at an estate sale. In the back of a walk-in closet, amid a variety of old shirts and vintage dresses, hung a faded striped jacket. A…
Letter listing reasons for treatment of Chiena Peres by Dr. Ritz
German language affidavit certifying name change from Benzion Peresecki to Ben Peres
Affidavit for Chiena's life and whereabouts
German language affidavit for the history of the Peresecki family
Affidavit for Ben Peres's life and whereabouts
Affidavit on behalf of Chiena's life and whereabouts
German language affidavit for Chiena Peresecki's medical history
Affidavit certifying that Chiena Peresecki was treated from 1948-49 in Munich, Germany
Notarized statement affirming Chiena Peres's birth, residency, and name change
German translation of statement affirming Chiena Peres' birth, residency, and name change
Affidavit testifying to Chiena Peres' date of birth, residency, and earnings
Statement affirming that Chiena Peres has not remarried since 1949
Declaration that Chiena Peres has lived at 652 W. 163rd St, New York City since 1949 and has not remarried
Affidavit confirming Chiena Peresecki's dates of birth and marriage
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